BL-7000 / VP-7000

Endoscope system
(Light Source / Video Processor)

Product Design

An endoscope system designed to meet the needs of patients, doctors and nurses by reducing any feelings of anxiety while delivering enhanced quality and being easier to clean

This next-generation endoscope system features a mechanism that delivers clear images of a region using a laser light source. We designed the body shape with full consideration for what patients would perceive as comfortable and thereby reduce their anxiety. We improved the visibility of the operation panel by reviewing the lighting tone and luminance while enhancing the sophistication of the system with a completely flat, smooth display window. Furthermore, the minimized gaps and reduced unevenness of the surface make the unit easier to clean, thus preventing infection. We also maintained design consistency with other Fujifilm products of the same series.

Kunihiko Tanaka Product Designer
Kunihiko Tanaka
Product Designer