ASTALIFT Jelly Aqualista

Face Serum

ASTALIFT Jelly Aqualista
Graphic Design
ASTALIFT Jelly Aqualista

Designed to Demonstrate the Beauty of the Red, Transparent Jelly

Aqualista is a jelly serum in the ASTALIFT skincare series for aging care. With our focus on the brand color red and the “sizzling feel” of the jelly, we pursued a design that evokes a sense of delight with every use, expecting the effects of the serum with a high quality appearance and presentation of the red jelly that scintillates when the container is opened. We created a refill container for intuitive, worry-free replacement. The refill container is undecorated in consideration for the environment.

Miku Kasai Graphic Designer
Miku Kasai
Graphic Designer