ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution

Face serum and makeup primer

ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution
Graphic Design
ASTALIFT White Perfect UV Clear Solution

Design Effectively Conveys UV-ray Protection in a Functional and Sensitive Manner

This multifunctional UV protective serum blocks all UV wavelengths from reaching the skin, including the longest wavelengths (Deep UVA) associated with brown spots and dullness. Conventional means cannot block Deep UVA. The central portion of the cap is a UV sensor that changes in color in response to ultraviolet radiation. This makes it possible to confirm the strength of invisible ultraviolet rays at a glance. UV care products have typically been used out of a vague sense of insecurity about ultraviolet rays. By incorporating the UV sensor in the container, as an unconventional feature for cosmetic products, we hope to help users confidently enjoy the effectiveness of their skincare products.

Shinsuke Zetsu Graphic Designer
Shinsuke Zetsu
Graphic Designer