instax mini 90

instax instant camera

instax mini 90
instax mini 90
Product Design
instax mini 90

“NEO CLASSIC” design for an iconic camera form factor that is distinct from previous instax cameras

The overall proportions and component structure of this camera are not at all similar to those of classic cameras, which reflects our efforts to attract more interest in instant photography. We gave it a design that is familiar to everyone while also attracting new users through a fresh perspective and distinct quality not inherent in the previous instax series, prompting users to say, “This is something I’d like to have.” We paid meticulous attention to the details in expressing this new perspective, including the dials for power switch and mode selection, attractive features on analog cameras, and the leather-textured rubber coating that enhances the feel of the product in the user’s hand.

Makoto Isozaki Product Designer
Makoto Isozaki
Product Designer
Graphic Design
instax mini 90

“NEO CLASSIC” design combines the appearance of the high-end model with instax’s unique style

This high-end model of the instax cameras is completely different from the earlier “kawaii” (cute) versions. We designed its box using a dark and light brown color pattern, aiming to maintain a sense of continuity from the package used for the black model. Its simple, stylish design not only appeals to women but also to men.

Akane Wakabayashi Graphic Designer
Akane Wakabayashi
Graphic Designer