Digital camera

Product Design

Recreates the form factor of an SLR in a mirror-less camera for discriminating users, with just the right compactness

One design characteristic of the X-T1 is its pentaprism, which symbolizes SLR cameras and contains the EVF with the maximum finder magnification for digital cameras. The sharp and solid design, like that of classic SLR film cameras, expresses the power of a camera as a high-performance tool with functional beauty and optimal compactness. Moreover, the X-T1’s design ensures operability, with triplet dials on the top deck, a grip that fits comfortably in the hand, and function buttons on its back for customized use.

Masazumi Imai Product Designer
Masazumi Imai
Product Designer
Interface Design

Experience the joy of shooting with the Multi Mode Viewfinder

The X Series’ unique viewfinder experience was made possible through the development of the Multi Mode Viewfinder with a new user interface, designed specifically for enhancing the joy and value of taking photos while offering one of the world’s widest range of viewing angles. In addition to precise graphical images and clearly displayed shooting information that enable the user to completely concentrate on capturing the best shot, the camera’s viewfinder provides four display modes: “FULL,” to take advantage of the high magnification ratio; “NORMAL,” to see the angle of a view at a glance; “DUAL,” a first-in-the-world display option for manual focusing with a clever split view; and “VERTICAL,” another trailblazing function that allows the information display to automatically rotate to correspond with the alignment of the camera.

Nanae Sakuma Interface Designer
Nanae Sakuma
Interface Designer
Graphic Design

Package design that communicates an internationally unified image of the X Series with the same impact as POP ads and product displays

Black is an iconic color that captures the series’ essential attraction for hobbyists and embodies a “classic” nature. Setting the front of the camera against a black background conveys a sophisticated representation of the product’s precision and high technology. At the same time, using the same package design for all models establishes a unified concept of the X Series worldwide and is especially effective when multiple packages are displayed together in a storefront. In fact, the impact of a block of packages can replace special product displays or POP ads when product samples and knowledgeable staff are not available.

Daisuke Sato Graphic Designer
Daisuke Sato
Graphic Designer