Digital Camera

Product Design

Compact yet Fully-featured Premium Camera

The X-T10 is a premium mirrorless camera that combines a compact, lightweight body with an electronic viewfinder that boasts the world’s shortest display lag time and a built-in flash. Features such as these make looking into the finder and taking pictures a sheer joy for both indoor and outdoor scenes. While maintaining the intuitive control of the FUJIFILM X Series with, for example, a shutter speed dial, an exposure compensation dial, and the lens’s aperture ring, the camera is also equipped with the Auto Mode Switch lever for fully-automatic operation. The aim is to create a compact yet fully-featured premium camera for a broad range of users—from beginners to professionals.

Masayuki Sakai Product Designer
Masayuki Sakai
Product Designer
Interface Design

GUI Design Showcases the Performance of the New AF System

The X-T10 is equipped with a new AF system that supplements the standard Single Point mode with the new Zone and Wide/Tracking modes that use a larger 77-point area to capture moving subjects, further advancing the ability to capture dynamic images. The GUI design has been upgraded accordingly. The display is improved to make it easier to follow moving subjects in any scene and confirm the focus point. We are pursuing GUI designs that will allow users to experience the functionalities and appeal of the camera with a focus on the sheer joy of shooting through the viewfinder.

Nanae Sakuma Interface Designer
Nanae Sakuma
Interface Designer