Basic design for developing various shapes to be examined
Deeper rounding on back for examining smoothness
Minimized portion of the flat part on the side to enlarge curved portion for maximizing smoothness
Rounded off upper edge for examining potential discomfort on patient's back

Ryosuke Ogura, Product Designer

These are prototypes for verifying the shape of the cassette DR detector that is inserted under a patient’s body when shooting X-ray images in hospitals. We were initially motivated by designer’s observation that the corners of the cassette were painful for the patient and many engineers suffered back pain from the physical exertion of inserting the cassette under the patient’s body. In addition to meeting industry standards for medical cassettes, we placed priority on solving the underlying problems for medical care services and worked on creating the best shape for reducing patient discomfort and the radiographer’s workload.
We consequently realized that simply rounding off the portion that contacted the patient was not enough. The keys were to minimize the protruding area of the cassette when inserted and to keep the surface absolutely flat, which resulted in a dramatically slimmer unit.